Gunsmith Services

Clothey & Sons Gunsmithing offers all gunsmithing services and our turnaround is typically much faster than anything our competition can provide. We have four professional gunsmiths on staff and most of our customers can have their firearms returned to them within two weeks.

Our gunsmithing services include:

Gun Cleaning

We have the professional equipment available to clean and repair your guns. A properly cleaned firearm is essential to achieve optimum performance. Regardless of the type of gun you own, we can professionally clean it and have it back to you quickly.

Gun Refinishing

We work with all types of firearms and are especially adept in handling antique and collectible guns. Our professional gunsmiths can restore your gun to its original glory.

Accessories and Modifications

Our professional gunsmiths specialize in making custom modifications for your firearms. We can do in days what other gunsmiths take weeks or months to complete. We are always happy to help our customers find the right gun accessories at the right price.

Sights and Scope Installations

One of our most popular services is handling sight and scope installations for our customers. We turn these jobs around very quickly and our customers are always pleased with the results.

Recoil Reduction

From muzzle breaks to recoil reducers, we can get you back to comfortably shooting your firearm in very short order.

Custom Machining

We have a metal lathe and mill onsite that we use for custom machining and other advanced gun repairs and modifications for our customers.


We carry barrels from the world’s leading firearm manufacturers. Our gunsmiths can rebarrel your existing gun or provide barrels for a custom build. Ask us more about our rebarreling services.

Shotgun Work

In addition to all other types of firearms, we also work with shotguns and we can help you with common shotgun issues, including: install choke tubes, modify chokes, lengthening forcing cones (plated and non-plated bores) and polishing chambers, among others.


Bring your firearm in and we will determine what the problem is, let you know exactly what needs to be done and how much it will cost for us to complete the work.

If you don’t see the gunsmith service you need on our site, give us a call. It’s very likely that we can help you and we’re always happy to do so.