Gunsmithing with Pride

Clothey & Sons Gunsmithing is a family owned and operated business, devoted to increasing our customers’ enjoyment of their firearms. In much the same way that many people have a family doctor, we strive to be your family gunsmith. We hope to grow along with our customers as their understanding and appreciation of guns expand over the years.

We are different than most gunsmiths and our customers realize that as soon as they meet us. Our staff is friendly, courteous and always happy to help. Our workmanship and attention to detail is unparalleled, yet we are able to turn around work much faster than most other shops. This is because we have four professional gunsmiths on staff at all times, each of whom have honed their craft on a wide range of firearms.

“At Clothey & Sons, We Do it Right and We Do it Right Quick.” – Lance Clothey, Sr.

Clothey & Sons is located inside the El Cajon Gun Exchange in El Cajon, CA. Stop in and see us today!

About Our Family of Gunsmiths

Lance Clothey
Lance Jr.
Patrick Duchow

Lance Clothey, Sr. is the owner and founder of Clothey & Sons Gunsmithing. Lance has over 30 years experience as a gunsmith and is currently completing his certification at the American Gunsmithing Institute. Lance is a retired Chiropractor who still practices nutraceutical medicine. He is a former State Board Examiner for Chiropractic in California and also served as an Investigator for the board. Lance is an active member of the community and currently serves as a Cub Scout leader and Church administrator.

Lance’s two sons, Lance and Damien, are also training at the American Gunsmithing Institute and both young men work with him in the shop.

Patrick is an experienced gunsmith and U.S. Army veteran who is currently works with a local search and rescue team.